For 35 years Metroflex Gym has been the forging ground for countless champions. With a global following Metroflex continues increase its fan base through its many licensed facilities. Our passion has never been stronger and your opportunity to be part of the family is just around the corner.
Do you have a competitive spirit that drives not only you, but all of those around you? Are you a leader with a no quit attitude that follows through NO MATTER what?
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You've got DRIVE we've got global branding ready for you to tap into. Licensing a Metroflex Gym brings you top notch branding from day one. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Tap into years of PROVEN results! You can't learn this in a school book. We've spent years of blood, sweat and tears (literally) building a HARCORE brand!

Kick start success with mentoring from Brian Dobson, a true champion who KNOWS exactly how to tackle this industry and how to come out ahead!

We offer on-board training, equipment guidance, building selection directives and of course are a continuous resource of everything you need to start and GROW!
2921 S. Cooper St.#109 Arlington Texas 
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